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Bottle Cap Label Template - hermit - 05-23-2010

You can get a template to print out bottle cap labels from Avery. If you buy the stick on labels it tells you which template to use. 5472 for the 3/4" round labels. I'm going to see if I can attach it for download from here. If not, just go to Avery's site. If you and/or your printer are very careful about lining up the form you can use partial sheets and then later reuse the unused labels. I do it all the time.

This is in word.doc format. I use a free software package to print the labels. If you don't have Microsoft Word or a word processor that opens the .doc extension properly, you can download Open Office:

This was originally Sun Microsystems word processor, Star Office, and they are still involved with this. It is a VERY complete and powerful program if you are in need of a full functioning word processor, spreadsheet, etc..... As I said above, it is free.


RE: Bottle Cap Label Template - Harry - 10-09-2010

Thanks Ken, downloaded it and will make use of it!