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My Brew System build
Hello All,

Since no one has posted their system pictures here yet, i figured i would post pictures of my build as I go.


More Pictures
I will be adding more pictures as i go. I purchased the frame and kegs from a Magma member and now I'm making my modifications to it. RIMS based, 2 sabco pumps, All stainless plumbing, all tri-clamp connections, therminator, inline wort aeration, inline trub/hop filte, Control panel that includes features to operate heating element in rims tube, PID, power pumps, and a timer used to sound a alarm during the brewing process such as hop additions.... Some components listed above are not installed yet.

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Nice looking system, looks like you modeled your plate chiller setup off of the sabco chill-wizard. That control box looks complex =)
Thanks. The chiller as is was not influenced by sabco at all. But now that I have looked at their chill-wizard I am going to buy the components to add a in-line aeration fixture right to the thermination. Before i even made this post I was looking for a way to add a inline aeration stone. I have most of what I need, all I need it the stone.
Here is some more pictures. Im about 90% done. As it stands now i already see some changes i need to make. I did some testing with just water and from that I noticed some changes I need to make. I'm sure after I do my first brew i'll be making more changes as well..

Here is some more.
here is some more again.

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