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Need Rhizomes?
I was not able to make it to the april meeting but i heard Rhizomes were given away. Can someone tell me who to contact in the club that may still have some rhizomes? Or who to get them from locally?

David, I still have a couple of rhizomes left e-mail me
I just cleaned up my hop bed and have plenty of starts of these:

Cascade, Nugget, Magnum, Mt. Hood,

Sterling, Tettnager, Willimet

Contact me soon,
for they won't be viable long at this time of the year.

I would also like to clean up my freezer.

I have Cascade, Nugget, Magnum, and Mt. Hood hops available from 2010 harvest.

All were dried to 30% of their weight before vac/packed and frozen.
All have been in aprox 0 to 5 deg F. consistantly.

Last years harvest was a couple oz's short of 6 lbs. Dried
I still have plenty left.


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